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Our main offering is what we refer to as a “review funnel”—a landing page created to make it easier for customers to provide reviews for their clients’ establishments.

See examples.

To request reviews, send texts and emails.
A simple review funnel is used to ask customers to leave reviews.
You give clients a choice of several review sites.
more customer testimonials

Examining Reporting
Monitor your ratings and reviews to gauge your development.

Verify that your review performance is rising across all of your most crucial review sites and that your review request efforts are generating new reviews.

Establish weekly, daily, and monthly reports.
To gather the review management data that matters to you, use filters.

Examining Monitoring
Get email notifications anytime a new online review is published.

You and your employees need to be aware whenever you get a new internet review. Make sure your team receives an email alert.

See our list of more than 100 review sites that we actively monitor.

Create email alerts for you, your staff, and your clients regarding internet reviews.
Search major review sites for more than 100 different sectors.
Easily and promptly reply to both good and negative evaluations.

Examining marketing
Post your feedback on social media and your website.

Some of the best review marketing text you can employ is drawn from your customers’ reviews.

Post testimonials on your website.
Post reviews on Facebook and Twitter automatically.

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