Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy for users

You agree to the terms contained in this Privacy Policy, which govern the processing of your personal data on the Website.

personally identifiable information

A new personal account is created on the website when you submit a review. This includes your personal data, such as name, email address, and postal address.

You’re your name (this will be public unless you have chosen to be anonymous)

Your email address.

A user’s social media page (optional, if added)

No review on the website will be possible without your name and email address.
To confirm reviews, reviewers can utilise the data stored on their social media profiles if this is done. In this way, we’ll be able to collect publicly available data on your profile.
As the controller of this information, we may share it with those we are conducting a review of.

The review platform is completely open, and your identity will be published next to your review unless you have selected to remain anonymous.
Even if you decide to publish your review as contactable anonymous data, the company that you’re reviewing will still be able to see your review if they subscribe to our services.

Please supply us with all the data you have so that we can use it as the data processor.

Let us help you—we will display your reviews, provide you with access to your profile, and provide you with access to our Website

revisit the Website to identify yourself as a reviewer when you log in

Confirm that your reviews are authentic

You’ll be asked questions, and when you answer them, you’ll be offering customer service.

facilitate the social sharing function and indentification function

Ensure that you follow all applicable legal requirements and procedures, including those of governmental and public authorities, relevant industry standards, and our own policies.

ensure that our Terms and Conditions are complied with

We’d like to do everything we can to pursue available remedies and, if there are any damages, we don’t want to incur any expenses.

We process your personal data on the basis of a legal authority.

process your personal information in order to meet the following:

To perform our contractual obligation outlined in Article 6.1.b of the GDPR, please accept this offer.

Operate the online review platform in compliance with, for example, the Competition and Markets Authority’s guidelines on online reviews and endorsements as outlined in Article 6.1.c of the GDPR.

retention of data

As long as you have a publicly posted review with our services, we keep the review data and other personal data for you.
You are solely responsible for any information you enter on the Review Removal Form. If you choose to remove your review, we will remove all personal data, including your name, email address, and associated review.
We will automatically delete your information after 360 days if you have been invited to leave a review via an invite sent by our solution from a Data Controller.

Now that you’ve provided your personal data, you can access it.

To see information we have about you, including your review, log in to your Account using your email address.

After you submit your request, we will contact you to tell you how we collect your personal information, how we use the information, why we process your personal data, and with whom we share it.

Here, you will be able to download all of the personal data you’ve provided us, including your reviews.

Additional information can be found in product reviews and ratings.

When you use our Website to write a review of a company or product, we record your review information and use it to link to the product or company being reviewed.
Occasionally, we’ll send you email in order to verify your experience.
The company who sent you the review request will know which review you wrote, as well as the reviewer’s personal data.
Social media information that you have already added will be associated with your account.

Cookies: 2.3.

We use cookies on our website.
Cookies are information that is stored on your computer in the form of digital data.
While the cookie does not directly identify the individual user, it is used for different purposes on each user’s computer.

There are also third-party cookies ( cookies).

To provide and de-identify cookies to trusted third parties for use in online advertising and personalization, this data is shared with these trusted third parties.
You will never provide your personal email address to any third-party partners.
Third party cookies are set by third party websites; our website does not set any third party cookies.
The following third-party cookies may be set when you visit our website:

When using Google Analytics cookies to track user activity, these are set when you log in to our website with Google AdSense.
Some cookies are set to enable browser live chat when DoubleClick is present, a piece of Google Intercom.
Find out more by clicking here.

Cloudflare cookies, applied on a per-client basis, are set to identify the clients behind a shared IP address and implement security settings.
Please click here to learn more.

2. Cookie deletion

Once you’ve deleted the cookies on your device, you can proceed.
To clear out any old cookies that may have been set, head to the Privacy and History settings screens, which are accessible from the Settings or Options menus.
Generally speaking, in most browsers.

the three settings that IP addresses and browsers can have are:

Every time you visit the Website, your computer’s IP address and browser settings are registered.
IP addresses identify your computer when you’re on the Website.
Your browser settings, for example, the type of browser you use, browser language, and time zone, are all part of your browser profile.
We register the IP address and browser settings in order to enable us to identify the computer that is being used when accessing the Website or making use of it.
The IP address is used to determine your approximate location, and the fact that your review is genuine is verified through the use of IP verification.
An IP-based removal request is required for the data to be removed after 30 days, unless an existing review has been written which will keep the data retained until the review is deleted or the removal request is fulfilled.

4. Company & other service disclosure

To allow for data that can be reached in a secure digital environment, we allow the companies being reviewed to see the contactable data we provide.

According to Reviewcaptain, other companies may use your contactable information as long as their own service is not being reviewed.
Reasons: who, what, where, when, why, and how

Search engines, like for example Google and Bing, or services with a connection to

4. Others may learn of it

In accordance with the existing legislation, court orders may require information from review sites such as Reviewscaptain to be disclosed.
We make contactable data available to the companies being reviewed through a secure digital environment as the Data Controller.

the processor and the controller of data

Before a review is left by a reviewer, the Data Processor is still the
Using our Websites service, we act as a data processor to companies that use our services in order to help them collect genuine customer reviews.
Unless the subject agrees to our terms and conditions, we remain the data processor until that subject leaves a review.
The extent to which we collect information – which may include your name, email address, purchase information, and social media information – is relevant to our customers and how we use their information.

Once a reviewer has written a review, the website becomes the Data Controller.
Our clients who subscribe to our services and have had their reviews done are now able to access the above information because they have been designated as Data Processors.

Our websites have no control over third-party companies’ privacy practises.
The operators’ privacy policies govern the information practises of third-party websites and applications.

We process all the data we handle as a Data Processor, and we delete it after one year and six months.
To unsubscribe from receiving email communications from Reviewcaptain, please click the unsubscribe link in the email received or send us an email.

The data is stored in the region where it was gathered.

Someone to contact is listed here.

You should direct any queries you have about your personal data to, which is the “Data Controller” as defined in this privacy policy.

As detailed in this privacy policy, any questions related to your personal data should be directed to the merchant/retailer/service provider in question.

Procedures that guarantee security

While reviewcaptain does all it can to secure the personal information it collects, the site relies on commercially reasonable efforts to make sure that the data, including the personal information, is handled using suitable security measures.
The website audits their system for possible vulnerabilities and attacks on a regular basis.
We have never kept credit card numbers or any information that could lead to the identification of a cardholder on any of our website servers.

Replacement and elimination

7.1. Entry

To make an inquiry, please provide a written request, detailing the reason for the processing, who receives the information, and where the information is obtained.
If your previous request is older than six months, unless you can provide some sort of legitimate interest in obtaining the information sooner, your request shall be processed.